Running Time: 23 minutes

General Audience

Available Languages: English

Imagine yourself lying in the grass in the countryside on a beautiful summer night, watching the stars ...

When you enter the dome, you will notice the mirror-like floor that resembles a lake. It reflects the canopy of stars, giving you the sense that you are walking in space. The atmosphere is cozy. Adirondack chairs can be found here and there. In the centre, boulders seem to jut out of the water, and are actually bean bags that provide comfortable seating. Get settled, the journey's about to begin!

First, you take a breathtaking fall into our life-sized solar system! Your senses are constantly awakened by the strange beauty of what surrounds you. This odyssey through the beauty and forces of space is accompanied by a mesmerizing soundtrack composed of selected symphonic works by Philip Glass, echoing the immensity of the Universe in a spectacular transformation from the infinitely large to the infinitely small!

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