Fantastic Fractals!

Running Time: 45 minutes

Music / Entertainment

Available Languages: English

Experience the visual adventure of journeying into the infinitely complex world of fractals – endlessly repeating patterns made from simple algebraic equations. Based on the popular Friday Night Fractals program hosted by Dr. Jonathan Wolfe, Fantastic Fractals! offers educators a new tool for teaching math and related sciences in the dome. This collection of dazzling fractal animations can be used in several ways. The main package can be played in sequence as a 26 minute educational feature presentation, consisting of 7 zooms in infinite fractal patterns, interleaved with narrated explanations and explorations of fractals in nature, the mathematics of fractals, and some applications of fractals in education.

The show can also be run without the 3 narrated educational animations, creating a purely entertainment-focused show. 7 additional fractal zooms (approx. 19 min.) can be used to make either show longer as desired, up to a total of 45 minutes.

Individual zooms can be used as visually exciting material, to fill up space between other shows, or to promote the fractal shows themselves.

Fantastic Fractals! includes a handy Presenter's Guide, including a sample script, and an extensive Educator's Guide.

Show Stills