Soldiers' Stories

Running Time: 45 minutes

Giant Screen Film Transfer

Available Languages: English

CELEBRATING the 100th Anniversary of WW1: Soldiers' Story shows that over the last 100 years of fighting, nothing has changed for the soldier. 11-11 at 11am was chosen so that we would always remember. November 11th has many names—Veterans, Armistice, Remembrance day—but for most people it has become a global holiday devoid of real context. Soldiers' Stories attempts to depict both the insanity and scale of a single battle that was the greatest battle the world has ever known that in the end claimed well over 1 million dead. It is a collection of never-before-seen stereo images and film materials that bring context to this almost unimaginably large conflict as told in the words of those who fought and died over yards of earth in the first "modern" war the world has ever known.

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