Running Time: -1 minutes

General Audience

Available Languages: English

Since the dawn of time, people have been striving to control time, speed it up or even stop it. But what is time, really? In this new show, the immersive setting of the Chaos Theatre becomes a fantastic playground for a skilful exploration of the philosophical, scientific and artistic aspects of time. Using fascinating images and a narrative featuring some surprising artistic performances, Vertiges takes us on a disconcerting voyage.

Audiences explore the relativity of time, the absence of time and time as a sensory sound phenomenon. And suddenly, our traditional understanding of time comes undone. In Vertiges, Jimmy Lakatos and Alexandre Burton are more interested in asking questions than answering them. And they definitely succeed! This journey through the different facets of time shows us that despite our deep conviction that time is marching on, in fact time is just an illusion.

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